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Weather Model Forecast Animator

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Original Author: Michael Sager

Welcome to my Weather Forecast Model Animation page! This page lets you quickly and easily look at numerous weather forecast models, and animates them for you. To use this page, select the model and options that you want from the form at the top of the window, then click the "New Loop" button to make it happen. Once it loads, just hit play or move your mouse across the numbers that appear at the top of the screen to put it into motion. For more detailed help and information, click the "Help" button on the left, or email me.

No Matter what you select, this page should load something pretty close to what you want; it's pretty well foolproof. If you select parameters that aren't available for a model, a default set of parameters will load.

Code Revisions:
3 October 2007: Fixed broken links to U. Wisconsin models
5 October 2007: Fixed compatibility issue for IE 7
8 October 2007: Fixed broken links to IMCS WRF Runs
9 October 2007: Fixed broken links to University of Quebec models

Multi-loop View
Multi-Panel View